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A mortgage loan is defined as a type of loan which uses real property as collateral for the lender. A few decades ago, there were only 3 main types of mortgages that were accessible to home buyers and investors. A fixed-rate mortgage, a VA loan, and an FHA loan were the only three options available. Times have certainly changed over the years. The sheer number of mortgages available today is simply overwhelming to say the least.

The need to own property has propelled the creation of different 住宅ローン flavors to suit the different needs and demographics of potential home buyers. The exponential growth of home mortgage loans could also be attributed to the cut throat competition in the lending industry. The need to outsmart each other and attract as many consumers as one could has

spurred the growth of more mortgage loan types which are customized to the basic needs of consumers. Some of the basic types of mortgages in the marketplace include Fixed-rate mortgages – these are the oldest of all types of home mortgages. Otherwise referred to as conventional loans, fixed rate home mortgages are still the leading of all types of loans in the lending industry today. Note however that they are mostly awarded to consumers who have the best credit and unquestionable credit history. Generally, under this type of mortgage, the interest and principal remains the same throughout the loan tenure.

FHA Mortgage Loans – the second category of basic home mortgages is the government secured FHA home loans. This category is funded by the government with mortgage insurance. It is often a very attractive option to first-time home buyers since the down payment requirements and other qualifying requirements such as the FICO scores are very minimal.

VA Loans – this is another government insured home loan that is available to veterans who have worked in the U.S. Armed Services, or sometimes to the spouses or immediate dependants of a deceased veteran. The qualification for VA loans would vary a great deal depending on several factors such as the duration spend in service, the actual period of service, and whether the release from service was honorable or not. The most attractive feature of this type of loan is the fact that no down payment would need to be raised to qualify for the loan. The reason for this is because the loan is always secured by the Department of Veteran Affairs, but financed by a conventional lender.

Adjustable rate mortgages – this is considered the opposite of the fixed rate traditional mortgage in the sense that the mortgage rate often changes after a set period of time, mostly after the first 10 years of fixed monthly payments. It is becoming a popular choice because of its attractive low monthly payments. Those with good credit are always guaranteed of better terms and attractive rates.

Interest-only mortgage loans – as the name may suggest, this is a type of loan where the borrower pays the interest only on the monthly payments for a set period of time, mostly a period of 5-7 years, after which the home buyer would be faced with the option of paying off the lump sum balance, opting to refinance, or face what could be a considerably exorbitant monthly payment.

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